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Property Redress Scheme

We are proud members of The Property Redress Scheme.

Testimonials from Current and Former Tenants

"Fran and Jenny were great landlords and were great at sorting out any problems. We stayed two years because we felt very well looked after and understood by them both. "

Amy Worrall, tenant 2008-10

"Dear Fran, Just wanted to say a big thankyou for being such a fantastic landlord. If we ever had any problems within the house, you made sure they were solved very efficiently. You were also very helpful with regards to giving us information about moving in and moving out- information such as how to set up the bills, internet etc, which we did not know about as we had not lived in a private letting before. I know that this was because you organise student properties and therefore you are used to dealing with people who are inexperienced when it comes to renting, I doubt we would have got this service if we had not used a student letting agency. Thankyou, Lauren X

Lauren Pearson, tenant 2010-11

" Allwright Student Lettings provided us with high quality, comfortable accomodation and were always quick to resolve any problems we had. They obviously know a lot about what students need!"

Sarah Treleven, tenant 2010-11

"Allwright Student Lettings have been extremely reliable landlords throughout our tenancy, so much so we are staying with them for a second year. Problems are fixed quickly and our suggestions regarding improvements to the property are all being carried out. Fran has been a pleasure to deal with and has taken the hassle out of renting"

Alasdair McGregor, tenant 2010-12

"The house is a huge step up from my previous one in both quality and size, yet the cost is the same. The landlady is always helpful and quick to respond should any queries or problems arise. We decided to stay in the house for another year for these reasons."

Oliver Milne, tenant 2010-12

"While I have heard my fair share of student housing horror stories, I thankfully do not have any of my own to tell. This is largely down to the efforts of my landlord, Fran Allwright, who - since I first signed my first tenancy with her two years ago - has been consistently courteous, friendly, responsive and efficient. I can recommend her to prospective tenants with no reservations."

John Tucker, tenant 2009-12