Contact Us

Fran Allwright - 07961 849 013

Jenny Allwright - 07973 897 258


Property Redress Scheme

We are proud members of The Property Redress Scheme.

Information for Current Tenants

Please see below for some basic information for current tenants of Allwright Student lettings.

What to do if anything goes wrong with your house or equipment

Please do something if anything is not functioning properly in your house. Delaying action can result in very expensive repairs. From when you move into the house, you are responsible for everything in your house (see Contract) and I rely on you to keep me in the loop.

If the problem is not an emergency please phone / text / e-mail Fran in office hours only using the details below. Otherwise, please see below for more useful contact details.

In a real emergency phone Fran or Jenny any time:

Fran: 07961 849 013

Jenny: 07973 897 258

Tommy the Handyman: 07884283894

Tommy is our amazing handyman and holds front door keys to your house. You can contact him for all routine repairs and maintenance jobs during office hours only, except in emergency.

Steve the Plumber: 07799 300 217

Steve holds front door keys to your house and deals with all things plumbing, heating, boilers and gas. You can contact him directly, again during office hours only, except in emergency.

Police (Non emergency): 0161 872 5050

Transco(for gas leaks): 0800 111 999

United Utilities (for water leaks): 0800 33 00 33

Environment on call: 0161 954 9000 (Anything to do with bins, rubbish collection or disposing of large items)


Paying your rent

There are 3 ways to pay your rent:

One payment in advance:
- Take your monthly rent and multiply by 11 or 12 to get your yearly rent (10 full months, 2 half months if you don’t move in during July and August or 12 full months rent) and pay by direct bank transfer or cheque made payable to Allwright Student Lettings on or before 25th June the year you move in.

Termly in advance on the following dates:
- 25th June (2/3 months rent - depending on whether you move in during July and August)
- 25th September (3 months rent)
- 25th January (3 months rent)
- 25th April (3 months rent)

Monthly in advance by standing order on the following dates:
- 25th June (Half rent if you don’t move in)
- 25th July (Half rent if you don’t move in)
- 25th August
- 25th September
- 25th October
- 25th November
- 25th December
- 25th January
- 25th February
- 25th March
- 25th April
- 25th May

If you are paying monthly OR termly I require that you set up a standing order using the bank details provided. To get a copy of these details, please text or email Fran.

NB: Please also ask your bank to ensure that they put a reference on the transfer of your name and the house ie. John Smith 1 Ashlyn

Any persistently late rent payments (ie. if you are late more than once) will be subject to a £25 fee for me chasing you by telephone, text, email or in writing.

Staying another year

Every year we give our current successful tenants priority to sign up to stay a second (or 3rd!) year in their student house. As an incentive for you to stay on, we are happy to freeze your rent for your second year in the house.

Although it might seem very early, house hunting for the next academic year starts earlier every year, so if you haven’t thought about your plans for next year: now is the time to do it.

If you do stay on another year, you are able to leave stuff behind at your own risk, bearing in mind that we may have workmen in the property doing annual checks etc during those 2 months.

Please let me know whether your group would like to stay another year as soon as you know. We will need to get together to sign the new contract before you go home for Christmas. Your deposit simply rolls over, so it's an easy and simple process.

Remember: we strive to improve our houses year on year, so if you do decide to stay on we may be able to do some improvements during the summer if needed. Please don’t move house just for the sake of a lumpy mattress or because you’d like your room redecorated!

If you do decide to leave at the end of June, I will be asking for your cooperation to help us let your house. I will always give you all 24 hours notice by text message before I do any viewings, and will try to keep them to the afternoons. Some prospective tenants prefer to be shown round by the incumbent residents so if you would like to do this I am happy to reward you by paying £25 cash once the house is taken, if you do the viewing yourself. Otherwise, I will accompany viewings myself where possible.

If you do decide to move in June, don’t forget that I have lots of other houses that might suit your group. Staying in one of my houses means signing up is extra easy as much of the paperwork and deposit is already in place! Have a look around this site and I'd be happy to show your group around before anyone else.